kaninchenstall streichen 300x200 1 With what I can paint a rabbit hutch?

With what I can paint a rabbit hutch?

Rabbit owners pay attention! The choice of color for the rabbit hutch has a significant impact on the health and unrestricted well-being of the animals. Toxic, evaporating or ingestion by saliva dangerous substances releasing colors should be avoided in the attitude of the posh rodents. If you want to buy a rabbit hutch and purchase it already treated with color, you should focus on expert and animal-friendly treatment of the surface and ask directly to the dealer in case of doubt.

What colors are suitable for the rabbit hutch?

On the one hand, the paint must be weather-resistant and waterproof, but also non-toxic and completely safe for the animals. Especially for rodents like the rabbit, you can assume that the new hutch will be inspected and properly examined with the tongue and teeth. If you want to be on the safe side, you should buy a wooden untreated rabbit hutch and do the color design yourself. The fact is that solvent-based paints are not suitable.

Rather, orient yourself to colored paints that are specifically recommended for children’s toys and are water-based. Children’s toy paints can come into contact with the saliva of animals without hesitation, they do not emit fumes and do not develop toxic substances even when licked or gnawed. In terms of durability and weather resistance, these paints are in no way inferior to a classic paint with solvents. Choose only the best for your animals and avoid that contact with solvents and other chemical additives weakens the immune system of rabbits and leads to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs.

Buying a painted or unfinished rabbit hutch?

Many rabbit owners opt for natural wood and choose to paint it with their own knowledge and the appropriate paint from the hardware store. However, a rabbit hutch that has been color-treated ex-manufacturer may well take heed of all factors, so you don’t have to become a primary handyman and do the painting yourself. Reputable manufacturers pay attention to non-hazardous and non-toxic in contact with saliva paints, so you make a safe purchase and do not take any risk at all with the rabbit hutch.

You should refrain from buying a rabbit hutch that is manufactured in the Far East or sold at particularly low prices and without disclosing the manufacturer. With too inexpensive offers it is to be assumed that you take some risks with the purchase and must assume that you endanger the health of the later inhabitants already with the rabbit hutch buy. If you have doubts about the seriousness of an offer or prefer to paint yourself for personal reasons and for the safety of your animals, children’s toy paint on untreated wood is quite a possibility.


As a pet owner, you are responsible for the health of your charges and should focus not only on a species-appropriate healthy diet, but also on a health-promoting accommodation. When buying a rabbit hutch, you can avoid risks by choosing untreated wood and painting it yourself, or buy a rabbit hutch from a reputable manufacturer based in Germany for maximum safety.

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