Why You Shouldn’t Get a Mini Pig

There are some hard truths you need to know about pig ownership.

As a large animal vet tech for a mobile veterinarian, we do see alot of pigs as pets and unfortunately, 7 out of 10 shouldn’t own them. The owners can’t provide the appropriate care, training, or they’re overwhelmed. Majority of our pig patients are out of control, aggressive, or has health issues due to bad care because the owners didn’t understand how to properly care for them.

I agree, pigs are labeled “just like dogs,” but they are nothing like dogs. You can mostly persuade a dog to do something it doesn’t want to do and it will tolerate it…not a pig. They will fight, resist and scream bloody murder. They are very stubborn and don’t give in easily.

Another myth breeders tell buyers is about their diet, “feed them less and they stay small like this forever.” LIE. I can’t tell you how many malnourished pigs I have seen from this lie.

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