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Why Is My Cats Nose Skin Peeling?

If your cat’s nose peels or the skin comes off before it has completely dried up, it can be distressing and even leave sores.
Peeling skin on a cat’s nose can be due to numerous causes, and not always a direct cause for concern. Nevertheless, a veterinary examination is often advised.
So that you know the typical risk factors and can act accordingly, we have put together a comprehensive guide for you.

In this article you will learn why the skin on the cat’s nose can peel off and when treatment is necessary. We also show you important tips on how to prevent complaints of the sensitive sensory organ and what a healthy nose looks like in cats.

Skin peels off cat nose – Causes.

When the skin peels off your cat’s nose, it can cause concern at first. But in some cases, there are harmless reasons behind it, which you can stop with small changes.
Possible causes for peeling or shedding are:

  • sun exposure and sunburn
  • low humidity
  • disturbances of the humidity balance
  • Infections with bacteria or fungi
  • mite infestation
  • injuries
  • cat cold

Skin diseases and allergies

Cause 1: Sun exposure and sunburn

Many cats are real sun worshippers. However, just like humans, they can be exposed to UV radiation for too long and get sunburned. Especially cats with light-colored fur and skin are susceptible to sunburn.

Even without a burn, the skin on the nose becomes severely dehydrated, which can lead to peeling. To care for it and speed healing, you can lightly apply panthenol to it several times a day.

Cause 2: Low humidity and disturbance of the fluid balance

Normally, the cat’s nose is slightly moist and cool. If your cat spends a long time in rooms with low humidity or right next to a heater, it can dry out.
In otherwise healthy animals, it is not problematic if this condition occurs from time to time. After a short time the nose recovers and is slightly moistened again.

It is different if the air in the entire apartment is constantly very dry, your cat drinks too little or suffers from a disturbance of the fluid balance.
Is your skin also often dry, do your eyes burn or does your nasal mucosa feel tense? Then you should urgently increase the humidity.

Regular ventilation, indoor plants and humidifiers can help.

If this is not enough and the cat’s nose is still dry or peeling, you should check the amount of water your pet drinks, moisten the food and, if necessary, have the cat examined by a veterinarian.

Cause 3: Infections with bacteria or fungi

Infections can show up as peeling, sore and reddened areas, itching and crusting.

In some cases, ulcers even develop and become real holes within a short period of time.

All the more important that you immediately go to the vet and start a suitable treatment.

Cause 4: Mite infestation

A mite infestation often first manifests itself in areas with little or no hair, such as the nose and ears.

Scaly, peeling skin, itching and redness go along with it as well as the formation of bald patches.

Treatment must be carried out by the veterinarian.

Cause 5: Injuries

Injuries to a cat’s nose can occur in numerous ways. Perhaps your velvet paw got into a fight with a fellow cat, was attacked by another animal, or ran into a wall during her wild 5 minutes.
It is also possible that she has a foreign object such as a blade of grass in her nose, causing her to scratch it herself.
While the wound is healing, it may appear as if the skin is peeling off. However, this is often scabbing.

If this is not the case, you should consult a veterinarian. This is also true if the wound has not completely healed within a few days.

Cause 6: Cat cold

Feline rhinitis or upper respiratory irritation and infection with purulent discharge can irritate the skin of the nose and make it sore.

In addition, if the secretion settles along the nostrils and becomes crusted, the skin can peel off.

Along with the weakening of the immune system and other symptoms, veterinary treatment is always required in these cases.

Cause 7: Skin diseases and allergies

If the cat’s nose peels more frequently or the skin peels off and no other reason is apparent, it may be a previously undetected allergy or skin disease.
Sneezing, itching and redness often accompany it. Likewise, bald patches may develop and the coat may appear dull.

Both intolerances and allergies, as well as skin conditions, require medical attention and you will need to be patient.

When the skin peels off the cat’s nose

If it’s just a bit of dry skin coming off your cat’s nose, and the surrounding area is otherwise smooth, non-irritating, and shows no signs of injury or inflammation, it’s not a concern.
This is true at least if it is a one-time occurrence.

If peeling or detaching skin on the cat’s nose occurs more frequently or is accompanied by other symptoms, you must consult a veterinarian, just as you would for injuries.

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