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Which Cat Breed Suits Me?

Before you decide on a cat breed, in addition to the typical character, especially the characteristics of the coat care are worth noting. Furthermore, it depends on the breed whether the animals are suitable as apartment cats and whether your everyday life or your house meets the requirements of the cats. If you need real family cats in your home, the social behavior is extremely important.

Consideration of coat care and hair in the home.

The typical coat of a cat breed has a lasting effect on your later everyday life with the animals. Breeds with long hair only come into question if you want to invest a lot of time for the coat care. Most cat breeds can be divided into the following three groups in terms of coat:

1) cats with long hair require demanding and regular grooming. Examples are Persian cats and Norwegian Forest cats. You must also expect with such cat breeds that cat hair is constantly stuck in the house and you often need the vacuum cleaner.

2) For cat breeds with little undercoat, grooming is not necessary on a daily basis. Hair is also less of a problem for you with such a coat. Therefore, especially oriental cat breeds are relatively easy to care for. These include the Siamese cat and the Cornish Rex breed. 3.

3 In addition, you need to brush cats with a dense coat structure less often. A prominent example of this is the Russian Blue breed.

Typical character of cat breeds as a guide

Even though every animal has an individual character, the cat breed influences the temperament decisively. If you are looking for a calm and undemanding cat, for example, the breed British Shorthair or a Persian cat is recommended. As playful and active animals, however, Abyssinian cats and the cat breed Burmilla, among others, provide amusement. Siamese cats and the Russian Blue breed are equally conspicuous for their lively behavior.
Basic decision between cat breeds for the apartment and outdoor cats

When looking for the right cat breed for your household, the basic decision between outdoor and indoor cats is especially important. With most breeds it is in principle no problem to send your cat outside. Only naked cats are generally completely unsuitable for this. As long as you prefer outdoor cats, the choice between the different breeds is quite free. In the opposite case, however, there are numerous breeds with characteristics that exclude an everyday life as a pure apartment cat. Many cats do not want to give up their freedom and would feel quite quickly uncomfortable in an apartment without exit.
Before you decide for apartment cats or outdoor cat breeds, it makes sense to check the following criteria:

  1. your typical daily life plays an important role. If you are often on the road and have a full-time job, only outdoor cats come into question. Apartment cats feel otherwise in the empty house quickly lonely.
  2. the number of cats in your household is equally relevant. Without conspecifics in the house, apartment cats lack social contacts, which are always possible for outdoor cats.
  3. you have to check the security in your neighborhood. In a big city there is a higher danger because of the road traffic, while free-rangers in rural areas again mostly have a long life expectancy. Wild animals and hostile people will always be a threat that you will have to deal with after choosing a freedom-loving cat breed.

The condition of your home is also worth considering. Before you take in an apartment cat in your own home, you need cat-proof rooms. Cat breeds with a preference for staying indoors are usually also very curious and want to explore every room. Fragile items should therefore be out of reach, as should poisonous plants. It never makes sense to confine apartment cats to a single room. In the house, the animals need a large cat territory to feel comfortable without free access. As long as you want a pet-free living area, only outdoor cat breeds are an option worth considering.

Cat breeds for the apartment with noteworthy needs

Although many cat breeds are generally suitable for indoor living, you must consider the different behaviors of the varied breeds indoors. If you never want to miss your cat in your own four walls, Persian cats are particularly loyal roommates. Because these animals are basically reluctant to stay outside and are therefore considered typical apartment cats. A Persian cat likes to sit by the window every day and watch what is happening in your neighborhood.

The cat breeds Ragdoll and Exotic Shorthair are also well suited as apartment cats. With a balanced, calm and loyal character, these cats remain extremely pleasant roommates in the long term. In principle, this also applies to the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon breed. With these animals, however, you must provide for entertainment with a varied design of your apartment, so that in everyday life no boredom arises and the cats feel comfortable in the long term.

You can contribute to this by having more than one cat in your home, so that they have company. Similar conditions exist with the Abyssinian cats, Balinese or the cat breed British Shorthair. Because the animals usually feel very uncomfortable alone, you welcome these breeds ideally at least as a double pack in your household.

In addition, the Devon Rex cat breed is a good choice if you want to spend a lot of time with your pet in your own home. These cats feel your attention during daily cuddling is very important. In addition, for the Devon Rex breed a little free running in the garden is recommended.

Reasons and examples of family cats with the right social behavior.

During the search for the ideal cat breed for families, besides the general suitability as an apartment cat, at the same time the social behavior is worth noting. If you also want to convey the joy of animal roommates to your children and other family members, you will find real family cats for your apartment. Cats with an exceptionally sociable character are more than a silent roommate and a real part of the social life in the household.

A prominent example of family cats are Burmese cats, which demand a lot of daily attention from every inhabitant of a house. Moreover, Burmese cats feel very comfortable in a family. Once you decide to have such family cats, you take on a great responsibility. Because you have to provide these cats with the desired company and closeness on a regular basis. During a vacation without the pet, loneliness quickly becomes a burden.

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