What It’s Really Like to Keep Ferrets as Pets

Interested in what it’s really like to keep ferrets as pets? Today, Emzotic shares a few tips about what you can expect when considering pet ferrets.

Ferrets are wonderfully trainable when it comes to nipping. In my experience there are two aspects – 1: Do not reward bad behavior and 2: Speaking ‘Ferret language’. For the first, ferret babies will easily get bored or just want down and so will nibble to get what they want. Do not put them down until they have calmed down. Simply hold your ferret by supporting the back and holding them in the front under their ‘arms’ and wrapping your fingers gently around the upper body. They can try and turn to nip you, but they will not succeed.

Only when they calm down do they get down. Second – ‘ferret language’. ‘Scruffing’ was shown but that isn’t the end of it. gently lift your ferret up holing the top up in a ‘scruff’ and supporting the bottom. Note- ferrets, like the Dachshund, has an elongated spine and is given to spinal problems if their too much stress and strain. Anyway, while holding your fuzzy in the scruff, say ‘No!’ in a loud, clear tone and then blow air puffs in their face. The air puffs are what ferret mommy would do and they hate it while not receiving any damage or abuse from this action. I have successfully trained 9 ferrets to never bite and one of them was even an abused rescue! Though I would not recommend taking on a rescue unless you have had a few years of successful ferret relationships. Hope this helps! Love!!!! <3

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