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What is the Best Way to Wash Horse Blankets?

Horse blankets serve an important purpose: they protect the animals from wetness, cold, sun and annoying insects. Innovative sweat-off blankets prevent muscle tension and cooling after intensive work by ensuring that the animals dry off quickly. Sooner or later, you’ll need to wash your horse blanket to rid it of dust, dirt, hair and sweat. Find out the best way to wash horse blankets in our guide.

What do you generally have to consider before washing a horse blanket?

Before washing, check if there are any holes in your horse blanket! You may be able to repair horse blankets yourself, otherwise you will have to have them mended. Otherwise, when washing, the holes can expand due to stretching of the fabric and the damage will be even greater. Make sure you use a suitable cleaning agent! For the blanket to become properly clean, pure water is not enough.

In the trade there are special detergents that have been developed for cleaning horse blankets. Many manufacturers offer their own detergents for their blankets. You should use them. For example, you wash a Bucas blanket only with detergents that Bucas has made for cleaning horse blankets. Bucas Rug Wash detergent is specially designed for washing waterproof and water repellent horse blankets and fabrics. It is not recommended that you use the standard product for your own wash. This may contain fragrances and other less compatible ingredients.


Do not use fabric softener! This can smell unpleasant for horses and affect the quality of the blanket.

Can you wash the horse blanket in the washing machine?

Whether you should wash the horse blanket in the washing machine, you can read on the care label of your horse blanket. Not every horse blanket can be machine washed. However, if the product can be put in the washing drum, there is nothing to stop you from doing so.
What do you look for when you machine clean your horse blanket?
Step by step instructions for the washing machine

Remove coarse dirt: Remove coarse dirt and hair with a brush before washing to ensure the machine cleans effectively and doesn’t clog drains. A rubber curry comb will also help to remove hair. You easily free the Velcro fasteners from the hair with a wire brush.

Pre-clean with water hose: If the blanket is very dirty, you may want to spray it intensively with a water hose before washing.

Secure fasteners: Wrap fasteners and other delicate items in the blanket or secure old socks over them. If you take this precaution, the drum won’t take damage during the wash cycle. Soak in water: Soak the horse blanket in warm water beforehand. You can use a large tub or vat for this purpose. This will help loosen dried and stuck dirt. Large, thick blankets require a large container for soaking and a washing machine with a suitable capacity. Machines with twelve kilogram capacity or more work well.

Set prewash: Set the washing machine for pre-wash, main wash and one or two extra rinses. This way, you’ll make sure the blanket gets as clean as possible. Do not put in the hot air dryer: After washing, be sure to hang the blanket to dry without wrinkles. Do not dry it in the dryer. If necessary, the blanket may become smaller or lose its function in the hot machine.


In general, before washing the horse blanket in your own washing machine, you should keep in mind that the comparatively small machine with its relatively low water masses can struggle to clean the blanket thoroughly. Quickly, the lint filter is clogged with horse hair and dirt. The larger the capacity of the washing machine, the cleaner the blanket will be. The drum can suffer from the heavy weight of the wet blanket. Smaller and thinner blankets are better suited for machines from normal households.

How do you proceed if you wash the horse blanket by hand?

Cleaning the horse blanket by hand is laborious. The procedure for the first steps and drying is identical to those for machine washing.
Step by step instructions for hand washing

Remove coarse dirt: You remove coarse dirt and hair from the horse blanket with a brush. Soak blanket: Then you soak the blanket in a large tub or tub for a few hours.

Work in detergent: Now spread the detergent on both sides of the blanket. A coarse brush will help you work the detergent in. You can change the water if it is too cold or too dirty to continue treating the blanket in it.

Rinse thoroughly: Once you’ve removed dust, sweat and dirt, rinse it out properly until there’s no more suds from detergent residue.

Allow to dry: Then hang the blanket to dry as freely as possible. It may take a few days for it to dry completely.

What should be considered when drying the horse blanket?

After washing a horse blanket, it needs to dry. A large, sturdy outdoor line on which the blanket can hang freely is ideal for this purpose. However, in high humidity or rainy weather, you should hang the wet blanket indoors to dry. Depending on the thickness of the material, drying can take a few days. You can speed up the process with a hair dryer – as long as it also blows cold air. A blower that is too hot tends to have an unfavorable effect on the fabric.


Do not fold the horse blanket until it is completely dry, and then store it in the closet. If it is still damp, it may start to mold.

How to waterproof horse blankets?

Washing a horse blanket causes its waterproofing to suffer. Some special detergents for horse blankets already contain an impregnating agent that wraps around the fabric during cleaning. Note that this impregnates the outside and inside of the blanket, making it unable to absorb the horse’s sweat.

If you decide to use a waterproofing spray, spray it on the outside of the blanket after it is completely dry. You can read exactly how to spray the spray on the respective spray bottle. This can vary from product to product.

Special sprays, for example, are very well suited for impregnating horse blankets. The nano-sealing creates a protective film over the textile fabric and prevents moisture and dirt.

Especially water-repellent blankets need a good impregnation protection. If the horse blanket is made of waterproof material, impregnation is counterproductive because the ingredients clog the pores and the fabric is then no longer breathable.

Is there a blanket washing service for the horse?

Horse blanket retailers often offer a cleaning service that gently treats and cares for your pet’s accessories. However, there are also companies that specialize in such a service. Usually a repair service is integrated, so that damage to the material is repaired with expertise. In addition, you get the blankets impregnated on request.

Where can you have horse blankets washed?

There are many service providers for washing horse blankets. Look in your local area for these services.

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