What is Color Light Therapy in Horses?

What is Color Light Therapy in Horses?

We all know that we need light to live and that colors can influence our moods. But what is the purpose of colored light therapy? And why is it used on horses? Our color light therapy guide answers important questions about this alternative form of treatment.

What is light actually?

Light is the part of electromagnetic radiation that we can perceive with our eyes. These rays become visible to us. Their wavelengths are approximately between 380 and 780 nm.

Light is composed of several colors, each of which has specific wavelengths and energies.

For us humans, the color spectrum of light consists of the seven colors of the rainbow:
Red – Orange – Yellow – Green – Cyan – Blue – Violet.

What do light and color have to do with therapeutic benefits?

In plant, human and animal bodies, light plays an important role as a catalyst and carrier of information. Without light, life on earth as we know it would not be possible. Humans, animals and plants need sunlight to stay healthy. And it can help in becoming healthy.

In psychology, we know that colors can influence moods. For example, the color yellow inhibits fears and creates pleasant feelings. Black, on the other hand, has a threatening effect and indicates evil. You have probably noticed a connection between colors and your feelings.

However, the color we recognize through our eyes does not have anything to do directly with its effect in color light therapy. The biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp laid the foundations for therapy with colored light. His research suggests that body cells use stored light for various metabolic processes and intercellular communication. It is hoped that these processes can be harnessed in therapy with colored light.

What is colored light therapy?

Color light therapy for horses uses colors as a holistic healing method to promote or maintain the health of horses. The horse absorbs color vibrations through its skin and transmits their effects to the inside of the body. One uses this therapy form in the animal naturopathy with the most diverse illnesses.

Color therapy with the complex mechanisms of action of the wavelengths and energies of the individual colors is used alone or as an adjunct to other treatments. The therapy with the color light is supposed to trigger positive energetic effects as well as self-healing powers.

You have to imagine that each color vibrates with a certain frequency. This also changes between color variations (for example grass green, moss green). These color waves can affect the body’s cells and trigger chemical reactions. For example, they can positively affect cortisol levels or promote overall metabolism.

Acupuncture points are significant application points in color light therapy for horses. They are known from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Here the different colors should be able to unfold their energetic healing effects. The color energy should positively influence the individual chakras. Chakras are energy points that are distributed over the body.

What treatment options are there with colored light in the horse?

Colored light can have a positive effect on disorders of the musculoskeletal system, bodily functions and behavior in horses. A treatment is carried out by irradiating with colored light. One illuminates large parts of the body or individual body regions such as an organ or a joint with colored light.

For small regions of the body, colored light lamps resembling flashlights are suitable as colored light sources. For large body regions or the entire body, horse solariums are suitable as colored light therapy devices. They can work with light in different colors.

In therapy with colored light, for example, inflammatory processes should not be treated with warm colors such as red or orange. Heat develops during inflammations. That is why cold tones such as blue or violet are appropriate here. On the other hand, chronic processes such as arthrosis can be treated with warm colors.

According to which criteria do you apply the different colors in therapy?

Traditional Chinese medicine assigns a certain color to each of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), to each organ and to each mood. Based on this system, one applies the respective color lamps for certain complaints.

=> Depending on the treatment your horse needs, your horse’s therapist will choose the appropriate color.
What are examples of application of color light therapy on horses?

The different colors are used according to their effects for different indications. In the following table you will find examples of effects and indications, local or concerning the whole body:

Penetration depthEffect, exampleIndications, example
BlueShort wavelength light with low penetration depthanticoagulant, astringentSkin problems like sweet itch, inflammations
GreenMedium-wave light with low penetration depthregenerating, relaxing    Joint and tendon inflammation
YellowMedium wavelength light with lower penetration depthliberating, promotes digestion and salivationGastritis, diseases liver
OrangeLonger wavelength light with greater penetration depthmetabolic, stimulating  Indigestion, promotes appetite
RedLong wavelength light with large penetration depthdecongestant, promotes blood circulation  Muscle tension, circulatory disorders
PurpleShort-wave light with lowest penetration depthrelaxing, regulating urinary and sexual functionsCystitis

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