What equipment do you need in a outdoor rabbit enclosure

Rabbits are known for being extremely curious on the one hand, but also quite skittish on the other. This is because they are naturally escape animals. So they need wide boards to run along, large stones to hop on, tubes, tunnels and similar “employment material”.

On the other hand, it is also very important to give the animals the opportunity to retreat or hide if things get dicey. This can also be the case if there are rank disputes within the rabbit group. Ideal here are always small houses made of wood, preferably open on both sides with a small loophole. If the houses are only open on one side, the rabbit is at the mercy of the other rabbit in the event of a hierarchy dispute.

Occupation and rest areas

A species-appropriate rabbit hutch should have, in addition to many employment opportunities, a rest area with, for example, a shelter. We recommend these shelters.
Branches and twigs

Since rabbits are known to be rodents, it is also important to always have plenty of branches and twigs available for them to nibble on. This is good and important for the teeth.

Beware of poisonous twigs

Unfortunately, not all twigs and leaves can be given to rabbits without hesitation, some leaves are poisonous. Here we present which twigs are suitable and unsuitable.
Material of the “toy

Important for the enclosure equipment is of course basically that all things are as weatherproof as possible, but also that they can not harm the rabbits if one or the other part should be nibbled times. Natural materials such as cork or untreated wood are always the best choice. And of course, the animals must not hurt themselves on them either.

Varied design of the enclosure

If possible, you can also design the enclosure so that there are several floors on which the rabbits can get, for example, with the help of cross-laid boards. But please not too high, otherwise a rabbit could fall off! Digging is also a lot of fun – if you have the possibility, you can provide your rabbits with a corner with digging materials such as earth or sand.

Protect from escape

Since rabbits are passionate diggers, it is especially important to secure the enclosure from below with wire mesh fencing! Otherwise, the little pelt-noses could escape faster than you would like.

Nevertheless, but also – with all love for the play train – there should always be enough free space where the rabbits can just hobble around to their heart’s content!

In addition, it is always important to make sure that there are enough shady places in the enclosure even in midsummer – no rabbit will voluntarily lie down directly in the sun at tropical temperatures!

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