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What Do I Need When Getting a New Dog Or Puppy?

Whether puppy or adult four-legged friend, when buying a dog must also be thought of the initial equipment. From the supply of water and food, safety and care to toys, there is a lot to get. Our checklist for the first dog equipment helps to think of everything.

Equipment for the physical well-being – dog bowls and storage.

That water and food in any case belong to the initial equipment for the couch wolf goes without saying. However, when choosing the appropriate dog bowls and drinkers should pay attention to various factors. These are:

the size: a bowl in which there is room for the whole dog is impractical both for your four-legged friend and for you. The food is lost in it due to the small amount, but water must be filled very high. This can be dangerous, especially for puppies.

On the other hand, bowls that are too small are the best prerequisite for sloshing and spilling. Orient yourself with the volume of the bowls best at the current food quantity of the dog. the height: dogs with long, hanging ears can smear them when eating from shallow bowls and will literally bathe them in water when drinking.

In this case, high and comparatively narrow bowls are better. In general, the longer the muzzle and ears, the higher and narrower the bowls should be.

The shorter the muzzle, the lower the bowls should be. For the standing height, orientation can be based on the size of the dog. While a Chihuahua can comfortably eat and drink from the floor, it is much more pleasant and easier for a Great Dane if the bowls are somewhat elevated – for example, in a rack.

Stable and non-slip: Even if you use a base so that the bowls don’t slide back and forth on the floor or water drops and food crumbs can be removed more quickly and easily, stable bowls with a non-slip base are ideal.

Stability: dogs that eat and drink frantically tend not only to push bowls around, but also to handle them with their paws, for example. Variants with a heavy bottom show themselves to be particularly stable.

Safe storage of the dog food

If you want to feed your dog with dry food it can be worthwhile to buy directly larger quantities. So that the food can be stored airtight, keeps for a long time and does not spoil due to moisture or pests, food garbage cans are a practical solution. This is especially true for larger dogs. However, since these storage options are offered with different volumes, the right variant can be found for every four-legged friend.

Sleep and rest – more than a dog bed

Regardless of whether the dog may share the couch and human bed in the future, its own dog bed, a cozy pillow or a sleeping cave is more than just a comfortable sleeping city for the four-legged friend. It can also become the dog’s personal place to retreat to when he wants to be left alone and wants distance from the hustle and bustle.

Many four-legged friends prefer to rest their heads elevated while sleeping or relaxing. A dog bed with a raised edge is therefore a good choice. Other sofa wolves prefer “roofed” variants, which is why a sleeping den can also be suitable. In any case, it is important that the size of the dog bed or cushion fits the dog. Variants into which the puppy is still “growing in”, can initially be made a little more cuddly and tighter with pillows and blankets.

Dog crates as a place of retreat

Dog crates can serve the transport but also be a retreat for the four-legged friend. If the animal is accustomed slowly and patiently to the box, it will accept it also gladly. Thus, the box at home, as well as when traveling, in the car or at the dog park.

Safety first – on foot with the dog

Collar, harness, leash – securing your dog appropriately on walks not only protects your own four-legged friend. In many areas, leashes are also compulsory.

Harness or collar: Which is better?

Here the opinions go apart. From a collar dogs can free themselves faster, besides a comparatively high tension is built up at the neck. In a harness, the pressure is better distributed, provided that it fits properly. However, the dog can also pull more easily on the leash. However, leash leadership must first be trained in any case and does not depend on the use of a collar or leash.

When is a muzzle necessary?

It may seem strange to think about a muzzle already at the initial equipment for your dog. Such a thing wear only dangerous dogs that have already become conspicuous, right? Far from it. In some places, for example in public transport or certain cities, muzzles are compulsory for all dogs. In addition, just as with the dog crate, the sooner and more relaxed your dog can get used to the muzzle, the better and more pleasant it will feel when using it. In the case of veterinary and possibly painful treatments, the muzzle continues to provide protection for doctors and assistants.

The dog on a long trip – safety in the car

Dog box or belt are to ensure with sudden braking or also with accidents just like the safety belt for humans that the dog is not flung by the driving area and belong therefore absolutely to the first equipment. In both cases, it is important that the size is optimally matched to the dog and it is high-quality, stable quality.

Care from the claws to the teeth

Brush, comb and shampoo for the fur care belong in any case in the first equipment for the dog. Likewise, however, a toothbrush for the teeth and claw scissors or pliers. While with toothbrush and claw scissors above all the size counts, should be paid attention with the fur care to the suitability for the respective fur condition.

Practical and important things for man and dog

For the physical well-being, safety and care is provided – what can still be missing? Just as important as practical little things of course. Among them excrement bags for the removal of the remainders. But also protective blankets for the car, a ramp for the car or a dog staircase for couch and bed. Because not only very small dogs can have problems with jumping. With illness or age-related restrictions on mobility, these aids are also useful for humans and dogs.

Play and occupation

In last place but by no means unimportant is the appropriate dog toys. Larger and stronger dogs should get employment possibilities, which are up to their strength and cannot be chewed up so easily. A cuddly plush toy should not be missing but of course also.

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