Top 10 facts about Gerbils you’ll wish you’d known about sooner

In this video you will get to know 10 amazing facts about one of the most adorable pets out there. Earlier known as desert rats, gerbils are mammals that belong to the rodent family. There are over 110 species of rats in this family. Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, gerbils have been domesticated in many countries.
you will see:
10- gerbils have Social nature
9- Gerbil is Easy maintenance
8- Gerbil Thumping their legs
7- Gerbil Continuous gnawing
6- Gerbil don’t like mess
5- Gerbil shed their tail
4- Continuous growth of gerbil teeth
3- Gerbil housing requirements
2- Gerbil diet
1- Gerbil Regular health checks

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