rabbit Tips on how to darken your rabbit hutch

Tips on how to darken your rabbit hutch

Rabbits belong to the rodent group and like to seek shelter in protected areas. Since they belong to the escape animals in the wild, they must also protect themselves from danger there. If you want to buy a rabbit hutch, you should pay attention to a few things.

Rabbits should not be kept alone, if possible. The rabbit hutch should be large enough for the rodents to move around it comfortably. Also a firm place for fodder and water should find place in it without the rabbits in your movement to impair. When keeping outdoors, you can also connect the hutch with a run and offers the hopping little animals so even more movement. The animals will thank you for it, because often rabbits that are kept in too small hutches and do not get enough exercise, can show naughtiness.

How to darken a rabbit hutch without much effort

With the hutch, you should also make sure that it is not in the blazing sun and also offers a darkened corner. This can be easily achieved by a special cover. With wooden stables is often already a so-called roof ingetriert. With lattice stables often the own creativity is in demand. For this purpose, you could attach old carpet remnants or even work with cardboard or tar paper. It is important to make sure that the air can still circulate and no heat buildup.

You can also enjoy working with wood here. With a few simple boards, you can quickly provide some shade and the cute rodents will thank you. In the rabbit hutch itself, you can also offer small caves made of wood, in which the animals can crawl away when they feel like it.
Pay attention to materials that do not affect the health of the animal.

Darkening the hutch in the summer ensures that the den does not heat up as much. In the fall and winter, the cover provides protection against wind and moisture. It is best to use materials that are resistant to moisture and cold. When attaching the cover should be fixed so that it can not hurt the rodents. Also the nibbling of plastic, paper and cardboard can lead finally to impairments. Untreated natural products, such as wood or even cork are adaptable and absolutely ideal for this type of cover.

If you pay attention to these little things in the housing of rodents, you will have many years of pleasure in keeping animals.

If you also want to do something good for the wild animals, additionally install a birdhouse for wild birds. Especially in the cold season, you can then enjoy the “guests” in the garden.

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