Tips for the interior of the rabbit hutch

Anyone who acquires a long-eared rabbit and now has to take care of a perfect rabbit hutch, of course, will ask themselves the questions: Which rabbit hutch to buy? How should I set up the rabbit hutch and what accessories are necessary so that my animal is well and feels completely comfortable? From the basic supply to the food of the animals – the following tips will help when buying rabbit hutch and rabbit hutch furnishings, so that the sweet Hoppler is later completely satisfied.

Set up rabbit hutch – what items are needed?

Particularly important is a water trough, because like any other living creature, rabbits need water regularly, because without water the circulation quickly begins to suffer and other problems usually do not take long. To supply the rabbits with water there are several possibilities. A popular variant is the water dispenser, which can be hung from the outside on the grid. Although these water dispensers are easy to use, they also have their disadvantages.

For example, the drinking tube must be cleaned regularly, otherwise unhygienic germs can form. In addition, the particular grid must also fit, otherwise some dispensers can not be hung stable enough. The second option would be to simply serve the water in a bowl. To serve the food, a food bowl is excellent. With this one, hardly anything can be done wrong, yet a few tricks will help. First of all, the food bowl should definitely be made of heavy material, such as stone or ceramic. Plastic should be avoided so that the bowl can not be knocked over. It is best to place the bowl on the roof of a hutch so that the rabbits do not fill it with litter as they hobble around. A small hill such as a stone is also ideal for this purpose.

Hay, litter and the right hutch

Hay is one of rabbits’ favorite foods and should always be available for this reason. Many owners simply add the hay loosely to the hutch, but this is not a good idea, because the rabbits spread the hay so quickly throughout the entire hutch. Here it helps to distribute the hay additionally as a layer on the bedding. In order to serve the hay in a space-saving way, hayracks are a good idea, which are hung on the outside of the grid. In this way, the owner can quickly refill at any time and the animals pull the hay from the outside to the inside. Bedding forms the floor of the rabbit hutch and has several functions. For example, it not only provides a warm floor for the rabbits, but also absorbs their urine. There are a wide variety of bedding mixes available for purchase at specialty stores or online retailers. The perfect bedding does not exist, because here everyone must observe for themselves what is well received by the rabbits and what is not. The only important thing is that it is untreated litter.

An inner house for rabbits in the hutch is absolutely obligatory, because wild rabbits flee into their burrow as quickly as possible in case of danger or fear. With the cottage, this instinct is also taken into account in the hutch. For this reason, the cottage should also be large enough to accommodate several stable mates. Two entrances are also perfect, so that the rabbits do not feel cramped. A flat roof is also very popular with rabbits, as they spend a lot of time sitting on the roof of the house.

It also depends on the rabbits

If you follow the tips above, you can be relatively sure of giving your rabbits a nice hutch. Nevertheless, it is also always important to pay attention to the respective rabbits. If they do not tolerate or want certain utensils, they usually show it. A change is absolutely necessary in such cases.

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