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The perfect location for the rabbit hutch

Anyone who acquires a rabbit first asks himself the question of whether the cute animals are kept indoors or in an outdoor enclosure. Much speaks for an outdoor enclosure. If you pay attention with the purchase of a rabbit hutch that this offers also a pleasant atmosphere in the cold season, you do not need to worry also about your darlings. Keeping them outdoors meets the basic needs of a rabbit, because they want to dig and need a lot of exercise. This can be realized by an outdoor enclosure, preferably with a run.

The rabbit hutch should be protected and exposed to little noise.

Before you buy a rabbit hutch, you should consider where it will find its place on your property. If you do not have much space, you must also take this into account when buying and buy an appropriate rabbit hutch. It is important that the hutch is protected. This does not only mean wind and storm, but also noise and heat the animals do not like. Especially the noise is often forgotten, but rabbits are very sensitive to noise. A location directly next to the street is therefore prohibited not only because of the exhaust fumes, but also because of the noise development.

The following places are particularly suitable:

Against a wall, under an overhanging roof.
Under deciduous trees: sufficient shade in summer, sufficient sunlight in winter
As far away as possible from street noise
Near the apartment

The last point is mainly about the fact that the rabbits need regular care. If the cage is close to the apartment, then the daily chores are done quickly and if you want to pet the animals a little, you won’t have far to go.

Rabbit hutch with fixed location

Many rabbit owners choose a fixed location. Especially if there is little space in the garden, this is the optimal solution. In this case, the hutch should be placed on a solid foundation, preferably paved or poured with concrete. Although rabbits can not dig, but it is not in the spirit of the inventor, if sooner or later the animals dig themselves a hole to freedom.
Move the enclosure regularly

If you buy a rabbit hutch and have enough space, take an offer with an outdoor enclosure. There the rabbits have enough run, can dig and retreat back indoors. The enclosure is especially attractive if it consists of two floors connected by a ramp.

The rabbit enclosure becomes unsanitary due to the excrements of the animals. If you move the hutch regularly, you will save time-consuming cleaning procedures.
Conclusion: The enclosure must fit for animal and man

Of course, the animal is the focus of the rabbit enclosure. It should feel comfortable there and be kept as species-appropriate as possible. On the other hand, the human being is also important, who wants to be with the animal and take care of it. So you have to pay attention to the practical side when you buy a rabbit hutch. In a hutch you can often put the food supplies and the location should be as close as possible to the house one, so you have a short walk. Especially practical are enclosures that can be moved.

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