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The ideal location for the outdoor rabbit enclosure

The location for the rabbit hutch must also be chosen carefully. Especially, of course, if the rabbits will spend the whole year in it.

Almost the most important point is shade. Because rabbits suffer enormously from great heat – so the enclosure should not stand in the blazing sun under any circumstances, and if it does, then the upper area must be sufficiently shaded with boards, so that the rabbits have the opportunity to find enough space in the shade at any time of day. Nevertheless, again, the whole enclosure should not be in constant shade – the ideal situation would be a little sun in the morning.

Heat buildup or lack of airflow in the enclosure should also be understandably avoided.

In winter, on the other hand, a spot that is protected from drafts is important. Ideally, the weather side of the rabbit enclosure should be completely enclosed, for example with wood or Plexiglas, which should reach almost, but not quite, all the way down to the ground.

In general, the entire enclosure should be oriented with the back facing the weather side. If you have the opportunity to install it directly on the garage or house wall – even better. A location under an eaves can also be advantageous.

A dry place should also be permanently available to the rabbits. If it can rain into the whole enclosure, everything will quickly become muddy and even the food damp and moldy.

Perfect would be a location directly under somewhat higher, shady fruit trees, so that in winter the sun shines and in summer the foliage of the trees provides pleasant shade.

Rabbits are far more sensitive to noise than one would think! Therefore, the noise factor should not be ignored when choosing the location of the enclosure. Street noise is just as poisonous to rabbits’ ears as construction noise or loud music.

Accessibility and access to the cage

And of course, last but not least, the rabbit hutch should also be easy for the owner to reach without any problems, after all, he has to bring food and clean the toilet every day. The easier the access to the enclosure, the better.

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