The digging corner in the rabbit enclosure

Rabbits are true digging kings! To allow them this fun in their outdoor enclosure, it is recommended – if feasible – to set up an extra digging corner for them. However, the floor of the entire enclosure should be designed to be digging-proof. Especially for the digging needs of rabbits, for example, a digging box is a good idea.

This is possible with quite normal, commercially available sufficiently large plastic boxes, in which sufficiently high litter is given, so that the fur noses can dig to their heart’s content. If the box is empty, it must be refilled accordingly. Here litter or also simple sand offer themselves as Buddelmatieral for example. A stable, untreated wooden box (without protruding splinters) would be a conceivable alternative.

If you have enough space, you can simply build a sandbox in the bottom of the enclosure and fill it with sand or litter.

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