Robust breeds of rabbits – What rabbits are suitable for outdoor housing?

Basically all, but the following applies: Exceptions prove the rule! Animals, for example, who are sick, may not be able to move sufficiently, so they can not warm up. If an animal is to be brought indoors, this is usually ordered by the veterinarian.

Similar things may apply to very old animals. They are also often no longer as vital, sometimes they eat less and for that reason simply have too little fat layer. Here you have to decide individually, if the rabbit should be kept indoors or if you should use a heating mat or similar during the times when it gets very cold. But remember: a single rabbit should not be left outside alone, especially in winter. So if an animal is brought into the house, none may stay outside alone. In any case, the separation from the group means stress for the animals – so it is also recommended if the animal must be kept indoors for a while due to illness, to relocate a second animal.

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