ratss Rats in the rabbit hutch - What you can do about it!

Rats in the rabbit hutch – What you can do about it!

Not only in the sewers, but also in the city and in the village there are countless rats, which you do not see at first sight. If you notice rats, then it is urgent to act immediately! Check the sewer connections as well as the downpipes of the toilets. In addition, look in the laundry room and outside stairs, as these are popular rodent hiding places. Once they spread, they become a pure nuisance and infest the rabbit hutch. Below you will find valuable tips on what to do if your rabbit hutch is infested with rats.

Rats in the rabbit hutch – What to do?

Look in the compost heap under the rabbit hutch

In the rabbit hutch lurks virtually free food for rats. Moreover, the animals prefer to build their nests in compost piles, especially if they are not cleaned up regularly. Therefore, you should never deposit a compost pile near the rabbit hutch, because compost piles have a magical attraction for rats due to the food located in the hutch. First, you need to convert the rabbit hutch so that the rats no longer have a chance to slip in there. If this is not possible, then it is better to buy a new rabbit hutch. Conversion can be realized by fixing the entire floor with stones or concreting it. In addition, the side grates must be narrow enough so that the rats do not fit through with their heads. When buying a rabbit hutch, prioritize narrow bars. Keep in mind that young rats have very small heads.

How to get rid of the rat infestation

There are three different ways to get rid of rats. One is poison and the other is live and beat traps. If you do not want to kill the rats, you can try to catch them with thick gloves and put them far away.

The percussion traps are suitable for individual animals, as only one animal can be killed at a time. Impact traps are recommended, for example, for rats that have crawled into the basement through drainage pipes. However, if there is a whole nest in the rabbit hutch, a beating trap will not help, because rats are extremely clever animals.

Better suited in such a situation is to lay out poison. The poison is incorporated into the rat food in the form of blocks and grains and is extremely tempting for the nasty rodents. Since it has a delayed effect, the rat does not die immediately after ingestion, but within 48 hours.

Be careful to keep your pets safe!

However, those who put out poison must be aware that other animals may be harmed. Always wear protective gloves for laying out, make sure your rabbits do not get near the grains with poison, so you should leave them in the cage during the cleanup time.

Inasmuch as a whole clan of rats has already taken up residence in the rabbit’s hutch, it is advisable to call in a pest control professional. In the case of individual animals, poison is still a good solution. This is available in hardware stores, specialty stores or Raiffeisen markets. The poison residues must be handed in to the disposal company, they do not belong in the normal waste under any circumstances.

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