fressfeind fuchs 768x512 1 Protect rabbit enclosure against predators

Protect rabbit enclosure against predators

As beautiful and species-appropriate as outdoor housing is, rabbits unfortunately also have a whole host of enemies in the wild who don’t mean too well by it. From foxes to birds of prey and martens – there are more than enough animals that want to kill our rabbits.

Protection from below

Martens can make themselves amazingly thin and are perfect diggers apart from that. The bottom of the enclosure must be protected by a fine wire mesh fence! And not only so that no enemies can get in, but also so that the rabbits can’t get out, since they also like to dig. The wire, however, in order not to hinder the rabbits when digging and running, should be sunk at least 30 cm deep into the ground and then connected all around with the enclosure above, so that there is definitely no gap.

Another option, perhaps a little easier, is to lay out with stones or concrete slabs. Since rabbits don’t like to run around on hard ground quite as much, you should deposit enough sand, soil or grass on it.
Protection from above

Protection from above is also indispensable, otherwise the rabbits could all too quickly become victims of birds of prey. And – quite apart from that – especially curious rabbits are capable of jumping amazingly high. Even one meter height is no guarantee that one or the other rabbit will not make off anyway. Already two reasons that a grid must be attached also above. So there means, the entire enclosure must be surrounded and protected in all directions by as close-meshed, sturdy grid as possible.

The lattice for the rabbit enclosure

Ideal as a grid for a rabbit enclosure is a close-meshed, square aviary wire with a mesh size of max. 2 cm and a wire thickness of 1.2 cm. The wire must also be corrosion-resistant – actually logical. Under no circumstances should you save at the wrong end here!

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