rabbitss My rabbit has diarrhea: what can you do?

My rabbit has diarrhea: what can you do?

If a rabbit is ill with diarrhea, it excretes soft to more or less liquid feces. Normal rabbit droppings, unlike diarrhea, are solid and are deposited in the form of small dumplings.
Diarrhea, however, should not be confused with soft appendicitis feces. This is usually picked up by the rabbit directly at the anus, but it can also sometimes lie in the cage.

Recognizing diarrhea – the symptoms

Due to the soft consistency, adhesions around the anus are not uncommon with diarrhea, and the entire anus area can also become inflamed due to the constant irritation with the watery feces. There the skin is then red and swollen, sometimes pus comes out.

If the rabbit has diarrhea, other symptoms can often be observed. Lack of appetite, lethargy and a distended abdomen often accompany the diarrhea, but apathy, unconsciousness or paralysis can also be observed in the rabbit with diarrhea. Behind it there is either a longer lasting diarrhea or a poisoning, for example by eating poisonous houseplants.

Causes and treatment of rabbit diarrhea

Diarrhea can have many causes, some of them are harmless, others are life-threatening. If a cause is suspected or known, the diarrhea can be controlled quite quickly with appropriate measures.

Often it is changes in feeding or incorrect feeding that lead to an imbalance in the intestinal flora, which shows itself as diarrhea.

Fungi, viruses and bacteria can also attack the intestinal mucosa and cause diarrhea in rabbits.

Stress, poisoning, intestinal parasites or dental problems are also responsible for diarrhea.

Due to the many possible causes, a close examination of the possibilities is therefore essential in order to get diarrhea in the long-eared rabbit under control. A holistic view of the sick rabbit thus allows initial conclusions and therapy attempts on your own.

If something was changed in the feeding, the assumption of an intolerance reaction is obvious. If unknown plants were nibbled, a poisoning could be to blame for the diarrhea. If the teeth are too long, a lack of raw fiber may be to blame for the rabbit’s diarrhea.

Home remedies for rabbit diarrhea

The most important action in treating diarrhea is first to stop the possible trigger. If this is not known, but the rabbit is relatively lively despite diarrhea, a treatment attempt can be made with proven home remedies. If the condition worsens, however, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

Rabbits with diarrhea should always have enough fresh water available, chamomile tea is also taken by rabbits with diarrhea gladly. 

In addition, a pure hay gift has proven itself. This “rabbit diet” can be supplemented with fresh parsley and the administration of oak bark. Often this measure is already sufficient, in order to say goodbye to the diarrhea.

Moro’s carrot soup

If the diarrhea is very watery, Moro’s carrot soup can also be prepared. For this, one part carrots with two parts water is boiled for at least one hour and the thoroughly mixed “carrot soup” is offered to the rabbit lukewarm.

The fecal adhesions around the anal region must be removed in any case, so that the “exit” is not blocked when the feces become more solid and the region is not further irritated. Diluted chamomile decoction is sufficient in most cases to loosen the adhesions from the fur. However, in stubborn cases, bathing the entire rear end is necessary.

When to take the rabbit to the doctor

The longer the diarrhea lasts, the more critical it becomes and the sooner the veterinarian should be consulted. If the diarrhea is severe, the rabbit will quickly become dehydrated because the loss of fluids will affect the metabolism, which, if the diarrhea is not treated, can lead to death.

If ingestion of substances toxic to rabbits cannot be ruled out, a trip to the veterinarian should also be made immediately.

If several rabbits are affected by diarrhea and it lasts longer than two days, a rapid loss of strength is noticed or a strong feeling of illness, fever is added or the affected long ear is obviously in pain, the trip to the vet should also not be put on the back burner.

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