rabbitss How To Lift the rabbit correctly

How To Lift the rabbit correctly

How do you actually lift a rabbit properly? And is it good at all to pick up the rabbit and carry it around? If you keep in mind that rabbits are actually flight animals, it quickly becomes clear that they are very reluctant to be picked up from above, because they are simply afraid of becoming the victim of a predator.

Nevertheless, it is not always possible to avoid lifting or carrying an animal, even if it is only to administer medicine or to get an idea of its state of health.
Do not lift like this
Unfortunately, rabbits are often lifted and carried exclusively by the neck fur. This should be avoided at all costs.

Catching rabbits

To be avoided in any case is to shoo or chase the rabbits. Particularly fearful animals are best lured into a hutch with some food. However, there are also rabbits that have no problem at all with being caught – the characters of the animals are completely different.

Lifting rabbits: Possibility 1

But how do you grab the rabbit when you have “caught” it? The ideal method is to hold the rabbit with one hand on the chest and the other under the butt. The hand on the butt carries the main weight of the rabbit, and the other hand, which is in the abdomen-chest area, is used only for support.

Lift the rabbit: Option 2

Another common method is to lift the rabbit by the neck fur and then support it with the second hand under the buttocks, also as mentioned above. This is a bit more uncomfortable for the rabbit, but sometimes beneficial for very fidgety animals.

Carrying the rabbit around

If the rabbit is to be carried, it is best to sit on the rabbit’s arm after lifting it up and support it well so that it feels ground under its feet while being carried. If the rabbit is not adequately held or supported while being carried, it is easy for it to struggle so much that it falls off. This can end very badly depending on where you are.

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