How can I renovate a rabbit hutch?

A rabbit hutch has to withstand quite a lot when it is placed outside in the open air. On the one hand, it must be weather-resistant, after all, it must withstand frost, wind, hail and rain. On the other hand, it must also be protected against the urine of the rabbits and must not be nibbled by the little rascals and become unstable. It is therefore important that you check your rabbit hutch again and again. This is for the safety of the rabbit.

How to properly renovate and insulate a rabbit hutch, you will learn in this article. When you buy a rabbit hutch you can also already pay attention to some things, so that the quality and sustainability of the product are really coherent.

How to refurbish a rabbit hutch correctly and sensibly

Refurbish means to make an object efficient again or to renovate and refurbish it. We know the term mainly in the field of real estate. If a house or an apartment is already somewhat older, it should be redeveloped, since the used material is already very old and above all optically no longer particularly much makes. This is also what the renovation of a rabbit hutch is about, because for the little rabbits, the hutch is their home and their apartment, where they should feel comfortable. Therefore, it is important that you, as the owner of the rabbit, also take care of it.

A conventional rabbit hutch is made of wood and you can buy a rabbit hutch or make it yourself. With some craftsmanship, this should not be a problem. Whether they bought the hutch or made it themselves, so it can be refurbished quite easily. If a part of the hutch has become rotten or has been nibbled on, then you should disassemble the hutch at this point and reassemble it with appropriate material.

It is especially important that you weatherproof the wood and make sure that the rabbit’s urine and nibbling do not damage the wood. You can do this with a special glaze. This glaze must necessarily be child-friendly and must not contain toxins, because this will harm not only children but also rabbits. If the hutch has already fallen apart in such a way that nails, screws or other sharp objects are sticking out, then you must act urgently and renovate the rabbit hutch. Otherwise, there is a considerable risk of injury to children and rabbits.

Insulation of a rabbit hutch is important for the cold season.

In addition to sanitation, insulation is also extremely important for rabbits, because otherwise in the cold season, the animals can freeze very badly outside. Insulation can be done along with sanitation. Rabbits do have a winter coat, but when it is significantly below zero, they are happy to have it warmer inside their hutch than outside. The walls should be fitted with styrofoam in addition to the wooden wall, so that the heat does not escape so easily. However, since rabbits will nibble at anything, you should then add another layer of wood so that the Styrofoam is sandwiched between two wooden walls. In front, the grid should then be insulated with plastic discs, so that the heat can not escape there. This method is particularly convenient, because it can be maintained even in the summer. There, the Styrofoam protects the rabbits from excessive heat.

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