rabbitts How can I protect a rabbit hutch from rain?

How can I protect a rabbit hutch from rain?

Anyone who has built a hutch for rabbits outside, it is essential to make sure that it is properly protected from rain. The reason for this is that the moisture both the straw in the hutch and the hutch itself, more quickly confused and accordingly can not be used for long.

In the following subsections you will now be offered different tips that can be followed to properly protect the hutch for your rabbits from rain.

Buy the right rabbit hutch and what to look for before you buy.

Before you want to buy a rabbit hutch, you can already pay attention to some aspects, so that weathering can be counteracted. This includes, among other things:

The material of the cage
The size of the hutch
The structure and shape of the rabbit hutch
The purchase price of the hutch

Tips on how to protect your rabbit hutch from rain.
Choice of the material

When choosing the material, you should make sure that the cage is made of a wood and also metal, for example, that is appropriately resistant to moisture. This includes stainless steel or wood species such as Douglas fir wood or Robinia wood. With the size and the form you should pay attention to the fact that the cage turns out comparatively space-saving (for example with several levels). Thus, a smaller area must be protected from the rain accordingly. If there are such cages not ready to buy, you can build them yourself. Here, however, you must sometimes expect a higher purchase price.

Choosing the right location for the rabbit hutch.

A good tip is to put the hutch first and wait for the first rain shower. Then you can more easily determine from which side the hutch must be protected from the rain. In most cases, the rabbit hutches have a waterproof roof made of tar paper or bitumen, so the rain usually comes through the grids from the side.

Another tip is to choose a location that is accordingly already protected from the rain to a large extent. As an example, the hutch can be placed near the main house or a garden shed. In this way, the cage is protected from the rain at least from a back side, without having to take special precautions here.

The third tip is not to choose a location for the rabbit hutch under or near a deciduous tree. This is because during strong winds and rain, leaves are often torn off here and then blown onto the hutch. In this way, the cage becomes not only wet, but also dirty, which provides even faster weathering.

Moisture protection of the rabbit hutch from the side and below.

It is useful if you check from which cardinal direction at your place the strongest wind blows. In this case, you should align the well-protected back of the cage in this cardinal direction. Furthermore, you must pay attention to whether the protective walls on the side of the cage provide sufficient protection. If this is not the case, you can buy protective covers and pull them over the cage.

To prevent moisture from moving into the hutch from below, you need to pay attention to the feet. Here you should buy a rabbit hutch that has a moisture protection lining made of metal or plastic on the feet.

Conclusion to the rain protection of the rabbit hutches

With the tips and tricks mentioned, and of course the points to watch out for, you should be able to protect your rabbit hutch from rain and the associated weathering as easily as possible.

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