How a Frog Grows From an Egg to a Tadpole and Then a Froglet

This video shows a timelapse of Common frog development from newly laid frogspawn to tadpoles and then to baby frogs with descriptive narration of what happens at each stage. In the wild this process can take anywhere from 5 weeks to four months and sometimes even longer but in a warm house with unlimited food the tadpoles develop fast and the quickest of this batch took less than 4 weeks to fully develop into a frog.

Raring tadpoles is one of the things that made me take up a real interest in wildlife and I think it something that everybody should witness and know about. I have spent a lot of time rearing tadpoles and discovering what changes happen at each stage of development so hope that my narration add a little bit of extra information and understanding to frogs life cycles. It is very important that if you rear tadpoles inside, they go back to where they came from as there are lots of diseases that might be spread from pond to pond by people introducing tadpoles.

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