Home remedies for sick rabbits

Mother Nature has all kinds of home remedies for rabbits. The knowledge of this large, natural pharmacy is in many cases completely sufficient to cure small aches and pains in the house rabbit on your own. However, it should be carefully considered beforehand whether it is not a first illness of the long-eared rabbit that belongs in the hands of an experienced veterinarian.

Since rabbits are very good at masking symptoms of illness with their supposedly normal behavior, it is not only necessary to know the most important home remedies, but also to recognize deviations in the normal behavior of your companion. A slight cold, watery eyes, diarrhea or minor injuries can be handled relatively well with home remedies. If the complaints last longer, then applies – as with us humans also – off to the physician!

Nature meant well when she planted the various remedies right in front of our noses. Unfortunately, much knowledge about natural home remedies has been lost in the course of modern, very effective medicine. However, it does not always have to be the chemical club that helps the rabbit over one or the other illness. Numerous alternative healing methods have already made their way into veterinary medicine, just think of homeopathy, phytotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Also a certain diet belongs to the natural medical repertoires, which are available to us for the domestic animal rabbit.

Alone with the diet is already much to contribute to the maintenance of health of the long ears. Nevertheless, an emergency pharmacy based on natural medicine and home remedies should not be missing in any rabbit household. In addition to various herbal teas, oils or essences, a natural medicine cabinet for Master Lamp in any case includes a plant identification book. Many things that help our rabbit in a natural way, grow in nature – and often even right outside the front door. A correct determination of the respective plant must be however ensured, in order to avoid momentous errors!

Proven home remedies for rabbits

Flatulence, diarrhea, stress or a cold that is approaching can usually be cured well with home remedies for rabbits. Among the best known home remedies are probably fennel and chamomile tea, but also dandelion, nettle and thyme are some proven home remedies for rabbit diseases.

There are also plenty of home remedies for disease prevention, as a healthy extra for pregnant doe, or for that special vitamin boost in winter. Often the areas of application are similar for humans and rabbits, for example St. John’s wort also has a calming effect on our house rabbits and chamomile is good for the stomach.

Also home remedies, which are not taken directly from nature, have proven themselves with the rabbit very much. They often originate from human medicine and can often be found in your own medicine cabinet. For example, the active ingredient dexpanthenol in the form of an eye and nose ointment from the pharmacy helps the rabbit with conjunctivitis, which develops quite quickly and frequently in drafts.

For smaller wounds, a wound and healing ointment for humans relieves the discomfort of rabbits just as well. In this chapter, we provide insight into home remedies that have proven effective for rabbits.

However, in the case of clear or prolonged complaints, a veterinarian should always be consulted, because as we know, rabbits are masters at hiding symptoms of disease!

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