Ferret Biting | Top 10 Reasons Your Ferret Bites Hard

Ferret Biting EXPLAINED! Why does my ferret bite me so hard? Here’s why! Is your ferret biting? Is your ferret biting and not letting go? Watch this to learn why.

When we got our rescue ferret Bert, he was malnourished and mistreated – we had to work really hard to build up his trust. It took a lot of malt paste, salmon oil and patience! He also wasn’t neutered and this not only made him bite hard, but also overproduce sebum. Thankfully our lovely Vet (we’re in the UK!) recommended the Suprelorin/Deslorelin hormone implant and this really helped with his behaviour – he’s so much happier and carefree.

We also had the hormone implant for our female ferret Sunny, as it drastically reduces the risks caused by spaying.

I highly recommend speaking with a small animal vet and even getting a few second opinions to work out what’s best for your little one!

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