Do you have to bathe rabbits?

Normally, a rabbit does not need to be bathed at all – on the contrary, rabbits clean themselves and therefore do not need any bath.


However, there are exceptions: for example, if the rabbit suffers from parasite infestation or if it has heavily soiled fur on the anus due to diarrhea.
When bathing absolutely note
The rabbit’s head must never be submerged in the water. In addition, the filling height of the water should not exceed 8-10 cm, depending on the size of the rabbit.

The anus area can be cleaned easily with a washcloth, if necessary.

Most rabbits will resist an unpleasant bath – therefore, bathing is best done in a bowl on the floor, this prevents possible falls. And also, the animal should be restrained very tightly around the chest area with one hand, as it is very likely to start fidgeting on contact with the water.
After bathing the rabbit

A bath should only last a short time and afterwards it is especially important that the rabbit does not cool down. Either gently rub the fur dry with a towel or blow dry the rabbit with lukewarm hair dryer air. Of course, the animal should not necessarily be taken outside directly after bathing, but first in a room where it is not too cold, so that the fur can dry well.

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