Common Lizards and the wildlife of RSPB Strumpshaw fen, Norfolk

Join me as I take a wildlife walk at RSPB Strumpshaw fen in Norfolk. I am mainly looking for common lizards but as I search for them I take a tour of the reserve and discover some of the other British wildlife and nature that has set up home there. British wildlife and UK wildlife can be found all across Norfolk, especially at wildlife reserves such as the RSPB. The nature of these places includes amazing birds such as the Bearded tits, Great egrets, Kingfisher, Marsh harrier and Kestrel that were featured in this wildlife tour. Other wildlife can be found including several non native species of deer such as the Muntjac and the Chinese water deer that were featured in this video also. The UK has native reptiles and in this short wildlife documentary you will see one of the most numerous, the common or viviparous lizard.

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