Why dogs eat and eat and eat Twenty Toxic Foods for Dogs

Twenty Toxic Foods for Dogs

Dogs and food – they go together. Man’s best friend normally loves to eat and looks forward to every meal of the day, wagging his tail. But as a master or mistress, you must always be on your guard, because dogs have an intolerance to many foods. Even as poisonous and in the worst case as deadly some food can turn out. So that it does not come to catastrophic incidents, you get here an overview of twenty foods that do not belong in any bowl.


Even as a child, you are taught that dogs should not eat chocolate. This is because of the theobromine it contains, which causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. The toxic substance is contained in cocoa. For this reason, dark chocolate in particular is even more toxic than whole milk varieties due to the high cocoa content.


If dogs consume grapes, they ingest the toxic substance oxalic acid. This causes vomiting and lethargy in certain breeds, as they have an intolerance to the substance. In larger quantities, grapes can even lead to fatal kidney failure for the animal. The same, of course, applies to raisins, which are dried grapes.


The flesh of the avocado contains small amounts of persin. This substance has a toxic effect on dogs and could lead to respiratory distress, coughing or heart muscle weakness. In addition, the high fat content in the flesh is bad for digestion. It becomes particularly critical with the skin and the core of the fruit, since here particularly much Persin is contained.

Stone fruit

Stone fruit, which includes plums, cherries, nectarines or mangos, are dangerous for dogs. It is not the sweet flesh of the fruit that causes problems, but the stone inside. This is often sharp-edged and thus injures the intestinal mucosa. Moreover, biting the seeds produces hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic not only to dogs.


You should be aware that your dog is not allowed to drink alcohol. Nevertheless, this poisonous substance should not remain unmentioned here. Alcohol causes the same damage to dogs as it does to humans, but the damage is much more severe. Also the hop contained in the beer is dangerous for the quadrupeds, if they take it in larger quantities.


All onion plants, to which also leek and garlic belong, have a poisonous effect with the dog. The sulfur compounds they contain attack the red blood cells, which could eventually lead to fatal anemia. Just two fresh cloves of garlic can cause undesirable effects.


Drinks containing caffeine are pure poison for dogs. The caffeine cannot be processed by the fur noses, whereby it remains for a long time in the blood. This causes dangerous heart palpitations and kidney problems. In addition, the toxic substance methylxanthine attacks the nervous system.

Raw pork

Some dog owners swear by raw meat, but pork should not be on the menu. Raw pork can, in rare cases, transmit the Aujeszky virus to dogs. Harmless to humans, it triggers neurological symptoms in dogs that almost always result in death.


Certainly a tasty alternative for cats, milk is harmful for dogs. Our best friends are lactose intolerant. They lack the necessary enzyme for digestion in the body. As with a lactose intolerant human, milk causes milder symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach upset.


Dogs do not need seasoned food. On the contrary, salt in particular is actually harmful to the animal. Larger amounts attack the heart and kidneys of dogs. Not only in the food salt is contained. Even when walking on the beach, you should be careful that your dog does not drink from the sea.


Like alcohol and caffeine, nicotine is also a powerful poison for dogs. If a dog accidentally eats cigarettes, fast help is needed. Depending on the animal’s body weight, 5 to 25 grams of nicotine will cause death. One cigarette already contains 1 gram of this toxic substance. Nicotine poisoning leads to fatal circulatory collapse in dogs.


In small quantities, liver is a good food supplement for the dog. However, the vitamin A it contains can be overdosed. This hypervitaminosis leads to skin problems and loss of coat. The bones can also suffer from this.


Dogs are carnivores and often get a bone thrown to them as a reward. But caution is advised. Chicken bones in particular splinter quickly and can cause dangerous injuries. Too many bones will cause constipation.

Raw eggs

Cooked eggs are a nice treat for the dog. On the other hand, raw eggs are toxic for the animal. The egg white contains the substances avidin and trypsin inhibitors. Both ensure that the digestion in the dog is impaired and important nutrients no longer arrive.


Cabbage products contain disaccharides. As in humans, these substances promote flatulence in dogs. Abdominal cramps and diarrhea are other consequences brought on by this difficult-to-digest vegetable.


A dietary supplement that dogs rarely come into contact with is sweetener. The fact that dogs cannot eat this product frequently is a good thing, because xylitol and xylitol can cause life-threatening drops in blood sugar. The toxic substances are also found in candies and chewing gums.

Raw legumes

Red lentils or red beans in raw form are poison to dogs. The toxin they contain, phasin, gums up red blood cells and in large quantities causes death. However, cooked, the beans are a good food for the animal.


Bacon or even chicken skin as well as avocados are extremely fatty. In dogs, fatty food can lead to metabolic diseases. Fatty liver or diabetes are the permanent consequences that make the animal sick.

Raw potatoes

Nightshade plants, which in addition to potatoes also include raw eggplants and tomatoes, contain the toxin solanine. Solanine causes diarrhea and vomiting in the first step. In larger quantities, important brain functions fail.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are the germinated seeds of a food plant that contains a lot of proteins. However, in dogs, these sprouts could attack estrogen balance. Alfalfa green meal, on the other hand, can be a healthy supplement to the dog’s diet.

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