budgies three in a row grande Can you leave budgies alone?

Can you leave budgies alone?

Anyone who acquires budgies does not always immediately think about what happens when the animals are left to their own devices.

On vacation or during a longer absence, this can lead to problems: Since the birds live by nature in a flock, you want to be cared for as well as entertained.

If these needs are not met, behavioral problems or health problems can occur. Therefore, you should pay attention to certain things when you leave them alone.

What exactly these are, you will now learn.

What do budgies need?

The automatic supply of food and water is still quite easy to regulate in the absence.

Automatic feeders help out here.

However, these are not the only needs that must be satisfied in budgies.

Since these birds naturally flock, they need companionship and entertainment. The absence of a familiar pet owner is noticed by the budgie and can lead to behavioral problems.

On the other hand, the high need for social proximity also brings an important advantage.

Budgies are very trusting.

If you don’t just leave them to themselves, but take good care of them, you will have a lot of fun.

The animal-human relationship between humans and budgies is characterized by a lively exchange. Many budgies protect elderly people from loneliness and children also enjoy the birds.

There is another need of the budgie that you should pay attention to. A budgie’s need for exercise must be satisfied.

The birds should have the opportunity to fly outside your cage at least once a day.

If your budgie is not currently housed in an aviary and instead remains in its enclosed cage, this will cause problems.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of things that need to be ensured.
Taking budgies with you on vacation? No way!

You think about taking your budgies with you on vacation?

It’s not as easy as you think.

Both the car and the train is an unfamiliar environment for budgies.

In this is added a background noise that is unfamiliar to the birds. All this leads to stress and can strike the small birds on the heart.

A long vacation trip is therefore not advisable.

However, there are situations in which you do have to transport the birds once.

This is the case, for example, when you take them to the vet.

Even if you can accommodate them during your absence with friends or relatives, a short transport is necessary. Otherwise, maybe during a short vacation. In this case you should pay attention to some things.

Do not use the big cage for the transport. You should instead place the budgies in a special transport box or transport cage.

These cages are smaller and therefore more manageable. This has not only the advantage that you can carry them easier.

The box can be stowed in the footwell of the car or even strapped to the seat. This guarantees a safe and stress-free trip. However, this trip must not last longer than three hours.

A budgie does not like to live alone

Budgies have great social needs.

As a pet owner, you are an important caregiver for your bird. When he gets used to seeing you every day, your absence will confuse him.

It has a different effect depending on the bird. Some budgies will not go away until you have left them alone for some time. If you observe this with your bird, you should specifically rebuild the relationship.

Also make sure that the animal is not completely alone.

In addition to contact with its human caregiver, the budgie also appreciates the company of conspecifics.

In the past, a small mirror was hung in the cage of individual animals. This was supposed to give the animal the illusion of a friend.

In fact, however, this only works to a limited extent.

The mirror finally gives neither sounds of itself, nor can thereby a living dialogue result. Therefore, keeping a single budgie is no longer considered appropriate for the species.

You don’t have to keep a whole flock of budgies. But you should already put a friend to your bird to the side.

In addition, budgies love opportunities for activity.

The best thing is to put a suitable toy from the specialized trade in the cage. This way there will be no boredom in the cage and you will also have a good time watching the playful little bird.

On the other hand, if you are absent, the bird will also have something to do.
Basic care when you are absent

You do go on vacation or are absent for a longer period of time?

Then there are possibilities for the care of the budgie.

You can leave the animal alone for one to two days if necessary, if it is provided with enough food and water. Similar to aquariums, there are vending machines or food containers that you can attach to the cage to supply it.

However, it is even better if a known person comes over and adds food, while also talking to the animal.

Perhaps you have friends or relatives who can take on this task. They can also take the opportunity to water your plants. You can simply return the favor when that person’s next vacation comes around.

Or you can place the budgie directly with relatives in your area.

That way he won’t be alone during your absence and will see familiar faces. If this should not be possible, there are finally still animal pensions.

In these the birds are accommodated during your absence and cared for competently. However, there are costs for the accommodation in a boarding kennel.
How to create good conditions

Pay attention absolutely to some basic conditions, if you must leave your budgie alone.

This concerns first of all the freedom of movement.

Many owners of budgies leave the cage during their absence with open cage door in a room. If you close all the windows beforehand and pull the door shut when you leave, the animal can fly outside the cage every day. At the latest for eating it will then sit down in the cage again anyway.

For the supply of food and water, you harness a friend or fill up the supplies in the containers at the cage well.

Remember that some containers can also fall over. It is also beneficial if the animal maintains its current bio-rhythm in your absence.

To help with this, you can use a light timer and have soft music playing at certain times, for example. All this will make the bird feel less alone.
The budgie in the smart home

You like modern technology and want to stay connected with your budgie?

Then you can put a pet webcam near the cage. This technology is very popular with dog owners and of course there is nothing against using it with your budgie as well.

Similar to a baby monitor, you can keep in touch with your budgie via your smartphone. This does not only mean that you can always see the animal.

Through modern devices, you can talk to your pet. It will hear your familiar voice and feel less alone.

Some devices also allow you to transmit the webcam to the net if you wish. Relatives and other Internet users can then also check on your bird if they are interested.

Today, there are entire networks in which different pets can find friends and their pet owners can network with each other. Maybe you will find like-minded pet owners in your area who will take care of your bird when you are away.

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