rabbits Body language of rabbits

Body language of rabbits

As far as the body language of rabbits is concerned, however, a close look can reveal quite a bit about his current state of mind. Perfectly suitable, because large enough, are the ears. On the basis of the rabbit ears in connection with the entire body, one can estimate the mood of the rabbits already quite well.

If you take a closer look at his non-verbal communication, you as a human will even be initiated into the rabbit’s secret language and treated as a pack member should be.

Tension and relaxation

A relaxed rabbit can be recognized by the relaxed posture of its entire body. For this it lies either on the belly or on the side, stretches the hind legs quite comfortably and lets also the ears hang down loosely.

If it is fearful or shows submissive behavior, Master Lamp makes himself as small as possible, the ears are close together and the head is lowered. In contrast to the submissive rabbit, a fearful rabbit shows its fear by the tense expression on its face – as if its eyes would roll out of its head at any moment.

Fright and disgust

If the rabbit is frightened, it literally takes its legs in its hands. However, the hind legs are first raised to briefly warn the rest of the pack as well. Especially in the darkness an ideal invention of nature, because then the white of the hind legs shines like a warning triangle! Then it goes like a oiled lightning in the direction of safe den – fastest retreat is announced in case of danger.

By the way, we can also observe a little human trait in our four-legged companions. After all, shaking with disgust is no accident, and Master Lamp also shows this behavior pattern. If rabbits find something disgusting, for example a taste or a smell, then they try to free their fine mucous membranes from the disgust by shaking their heads violently. Often one can observe that they drum afterwards also still strongly with the hind legs. A warning for the other pack members not to make the same mistake!

High spirits and joy

Especially young rabbits are often seen jumping through the air like little springboks. Even old hands sometimes perform acrobatic feats, they too favor hooking, chasing back and forth extensively, and of course making aerial leaps when they are just brimming with exuberance.If a rabbit feels really “super comfortable”, it likes to roll around extensively like the sow in question – preferably in the sand. By the way, it communicates with people just as it does with its own kind. The next time the little hopper happily hops up and nudges with its nose, this is a typical canine greeting ritual. However, if the nose poke becomes more violent, it means: Go away! Leave me alone now! Mutual grooming is also quite hip among conspecifics and strengthens the bond. If they lick their owner’s hand extensively, this means in plain language: I like you!

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