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Best Transportation of rabbits

Every transport is a strain and an adjustment for rabbits, which are not exactly considered to be particularly stress-resistant animals. This means that you should not take your long ears on trips unnecessarily often, if possible. And if there is no other way, for example because the trip to the vet is pending, then it should be done in such a way that it means only a minimum of stress for the rabbit.

The transport box

As transport box special boxes are suitable, which are provided with a lattice folding door. Such boxes can be found in pet shops in a large selection. In the box belongs beside some bedding always also something to nibble and water only after need, because this would be only spilled during a car journey.

Also who goes with the rabbit on journeys, should fall back to such a box. However, if it is longer unavoidable car trips, the transport in a slightly larger cage might be the better choice.

Unsuitable for transporting a rabbit, on the other hand, is a wicker basket, as this material is unfortunately all too readily nibbled by rabbits. So what is ideal for cats is rather inappropriate for rabbits. The same applies to cardboard boxes and open boxes of any kind. Because a rabbit, which is already frightened, could suddenly jump out of an open basket this risk should not be taken.

Which box is now the right one, everyone must find out individually. A large box is generally better for the rabbit, but always a question of space. The advantage here is that in a large box also fit several animals, if it must be.

It is practical in any case, if the transport box is not only easy to clean, but if the animal can be removed from the top, if it sees enough, if you have the rabbit well in view even when the box is closed and if it is robust and easy to transport.

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