Top Border Collie Breeders in Herefordshire

Want to purchase a Collie pup in Herefordshire? We’ve conducted thorough research and located well-established breeders in this area who sell Collie puppies.

Our aim is to make your Collie search hassle free. We have compiled key information like location, contact details, puppy cost and other relevant data to help you save time and energy. This way, you can quickly find the right breeder who fits within your budget.

If you want to get a Collie puppy, KC certified breeders are your best bet. They guarantee the highest standards of quality and provide assurance for healthy and happy puppies. We think champ dogs are a great source to find KC breeders. As well as the official kennel club website

We strongly advise to thoroughly research any information about Collie puppies that we provide on our website. It is important for you to make sure that the breeders listed here are trustworthy before making any purchases.

If you happen to know a Collie breeder that is not yet on our list, please feel free to leave the contact information in the comment section. Your help in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Advice to Follow When Buying Collie (Miniature Long Haired) in Herefordshire

Taking on a Collie puppy is not a decision to be taken lightly. Poor health or behavioral issues that arise can result in costly medical bills and extensive training therapies over its lifetime.

Making the right choice when buying a Collie puppy is essential. Here are some helpful tips to consider to ensure that you get the best one:

  • Don’t be fooled by cheap prices when deciding to purchase your Collie puppy. It is essential that you prioritize getting a healthy and well-mannered dog for the long-term – as this will save you money in vet bills down the line.
  • When purchasing a Collie, it’s best to go to a breeder with years of experience. This ensures you have access to quality, reputable services. Long-term breeders may be more reliable than newer ones.
  • Before deciding to purchase a Collie puppy from a breeder, make sure they can offer proof that the dog and/or its parents have been tested for any potential genetic health issues and were found clear.
  • Prior to purchasing a puppy, make sure the breeder offers a health guarantee. By doing so, you’ll have the option of returning the dog if any issues become apparent in regard to their wellbeing.
  • Always be sure to purchase your Collie from a responsible and ethical source. Puppy mills only care about money, which leads to the dogs living in subpar conditions with little concern for their health or wellbeing.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you do not find a puppy right away. A reputable breeder will often have a waiting list, so check if they can put your name on it. Have faith and patience – the wait will be worth it in the end.
  • Before you decide to purchase a Collie pup, it is important to meet the pup’s parents. Doing this can give you an insight into the size and demeanor of the puppy once he/she grows up. Seeing the puppy’s dad or mom can help you make an informed decision about what kind of dog you’re getting.
  • Check out the sellers social media profiles to see what other people are saying about the breeders

Breeders for Border Collie


Alison Naylor

  • A contract and lifetime support from myself, the breeder, are included with every puppy sale.
  • Every litter undergoes thorough health testing, including DNA analysis, hip and elbow evaluations, and eye exams. 
image 10 Top Border Collie Breeders in Herefordshire
Best Collie Breeders in Herefordshire

Contact breeder

Rev V Burrows


Rev V Burrows

PHONE 07515965781

COUNTY Herefordshire

Collie (Rough)

Kennel Club Pet Insurance

Litter size available at the time of the article: 5 pups.

image 11 Top Border Collie Breeders in Herefordshire

Contact here

Conclusion on Border Collie Breeders in Herefordshire

Ultimately, to make sure you pick the right Border Collie puppy for yourself, it is essential to properly research multiple breeders prior to the purchase. Doing so will give you a better idea of what to expect.

When looking for a puppy, don’t rush the process. Take your time to gain knowledge about Border Collie by talking to breeders and asking all the questions you have. Researching is key when purchasing any pet since it will be part of your family for years to come.

Besides, it is wise to inquire the breeder about their breeding program, what health tests they subject their Border Collie to, and the average personality profile of their Border Collie. This would help you make an informed decision.

When looking for a Border Collie puppy, make sure you find a good breeder who is willing to answer all your queries. Avoid buying from those that are only in it for monetary gains and sell mass-produced puppies. Reputable breeders will ensure their puppies have good health, excellent behavior and conform to the standard of the breed.

It is essential to do your homework, and to collaborate with a reliable breeder. We could not be more enthused for you! We wish you the happiest and most rewarding experience as a Border Collie owner!

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