Are Gerbils Bad Pets? | Pros & Cons of Owning Gerbils

Are gerbil bad pets? That depends how you feel about the pros and cons of keeping them, hear both sides and decide for yourself!

Gerbils are very social overall as I’ve bred them in the past, but like all animals they have unique personalities. I’ve had more reserved ones, aggressive ones and friendly social ones. My first one let me pick her up all the time. When I’d pet her head she make these little squeaky sounds but she’d stay there and not bite so I’m guessing she liked it. She’d let me feed her. Her boyfriend which she had babies with loved my father. He was also athletic like a squirrel jumped out of the tanks we had for them and balanced himself on the edge and crawled up and down my dads arm but when I put my hand there he’d sniff me and back off. I also had one one of their kids that lived 4 and half years. They definitely live the longest from most rodents.

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