hangover 173669 640 Are cats thinner in summer?

Are cats thinner in summer?

and gain weight. In summer, on the contrary, they seem to have completely lost their appetite.

Slight weight fluctuations depending on the seasons are a normal occurrence in feline pets. This is not only true for outdoor pets.

However, it can be disconcerting at first if your cat suddenly becomes thinner. Therefore, we show you at what point the weight loss is alarming.

In this article you will learn if and why cats can lose weight in summer and are therefore thinner. We also show you when weight loss is a concern and you should act quickly. Although a slim line in the warm season is not uncommon, there can be equally pathological causes behind it.

Are cats thinner in the summer?

In general, cats have a slimmer line in the warm season. This is true for both outdoor cats and indoor-only cats.

Outdoor cats do not need a fat pad as insulation against the freezing temperatures in summer, nor do they have a higher energy consumption to maintain their own body temperature.

Consequently, they also have less appetite. At the same time, they are often more active in the spring and summer.

Apartment cats are genetically predisposed in the same way. Although they do not need to eat more food in winter, they are hungrier.

If the days become longer again, on the other hand, they need less food and often move more.

This doesn’t necessarily make them lighter, but it can give them more muscle mass and make them appear leaner.

In addition, the cat coat is thinner in most animals during the warm season. This gives the impression of increased weight loss, both visually and when stroked.
Why does a cat lose weight in summer?

Weight loss can be attributed to several factors. These are:

reduced food intake due to lower energy consumption
increased activity and associated muscle growth
thinner coat

This is a normal and healthy adaptation to the current conditions.

So if your cat is not thinner in summer than in winter or even gains weight, you should take a closer look at his diet and housing conditions or consult a veterinarian.
How much can a cat lose weight in summer?

There is no general answer in grams or kilograms.

If your cat weighs only three kilograms and suddenly loses one kilogram, this is more than questionable and a case for the vet.

If your cat weighed eight kilograms in winter and only seven kilograms in summer, this is not a problem.

As you can see, it is a question of proportion. Losing 15 to a maximum of 20 percent of your body weight gradually over a longer period of time is not critical – provided there are no signs of illness.

If the weight loss exceeds this or is very abrupt, you must immediately consult a veterinarian. Because then pathological causes come into question.

At what point is weight loss in your cat in the summer a concern?

A slim line in summer is not surprising in cats, but it should not be extreme.

Consult a veterinarian immediately if the following points apply:

your cat loses weight immensely in a short period of time
food is completely refused
vomiting or diarrhea occur
the flanks look sunken
the coat looks unkempt, dull and shaggy
your cat is weak, lethargic or apathetic
extremely increased thirst
conspicuous defecation

Possible causes for the alarming weight loss in summer are especially in cats with outdoor access:

parasites such as worms
gastrointestinal infection
Injuries due to fights or accidents

In addition, as potential triggers regardless of the type of husbandry:

Dental problems
Foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract

The earlier the problem is identified, the easier and more successful it usually is to treat.

You should therefore weigh your cat regularly to notice changes in weight as soon as possible, and ideally perform daily body checks.
Are cats fatter in winter?

If you are wondering if and why your cat is thinner in the summer, this initial question is not far off.

When cats lose weight in summer

If your velvet paw has less appetite in time for the beginning of spring, moves more and sheds its winter coat, it is merely adjusting to summer.

Transferred on humans the quadruped puts on itself thereby an agile Bikinifigur.

However, this is only healthy if she has previously gained weight for the winter as well, and is slim but not skinny. She should be well muscled and more active than in winter.

If this is not the case, a check-up at the vet is advised.

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