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My name is Mark and the senior editor

I take great pride in being the best possible author and giving you the knowledge that i have on all different types of animals!

I have spent a lifetime learning about pets and animals, and have worked in the pet and vet industry for over 20 years now!

The website will draw have authors who are vets, pet owners, and local pet breeders. All who will contribute their fantastic knowledge which in turn will be able to help you i hope.

There is a lot of information on the internet so it may be hard to know where exactly is the best place to start learning. But we will write articles that get straight to the point, and give you all the information that you need with no fluff!

If you have any questions please leave a comment on the article, and i will reply to you!

Cats, Dogs, Horses, Rabbits, Or General Pet Care we will have your back in giving you everything you need to know with research first veterinarian backed articles.

Our Team

Meet Our Veterinary Board

Erin Fowlers

image 2 About Us (Author)

I’m a veterinarian and freelance veterinary writer. I love to spread information about pet care and health to help animals live their best life possible!


Christine Lloyd

Veterinary Surgeon

image 3 About Us (Author)

Experienced Senior Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Management, Customer Service, Business Development, and Business Strategy. Strong business development professional with a BVetMed focused in Veterinary Medicine from Royal Veterinary College, U. of London.


Hana Sampsons

Veterinary Surgeon at HAY VETERINARY GROUP LLP

image 4 About Us (Author)

An experienced professional who has worked for over 20-years in first-opinion veterinary practice. Having been an employer and leader within private practice, I have enjoyed decision making, mentoring and supporting others to grow professionally. Embarking on further study has fuelled my interest in personal development. I achieved Distinction in my post-graduate Certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies and am now completing a Masters degree in Psychology. I enjoy volunteering, including work for NGO’s in south India and regular shifts for a UK based charity. I run slowly, cook adequately, and do my best to be a good parent, spouse and friend.


Helen Nunnerly

image 5 About Us (Author)

Experienced Veterinary Surgeon with a demonstrated history of working in the veterinary industry. Skilled in Veterinary Medicine, Animal Welfare, Animal Husbandry, Customer Service, and Animal Behavior. Strong healthcare services professional with a BVM&S focused in Veterinary Medicine from The University of Edinburgh.


Katie Patricks

Veterinary Surgeon at Portchester Vets

image 6 About Us (Author)


Laura Wrights

image 7 About Us (Author)

I am an experienced Small Animal Veterinarian that graduated from the University of Liverpool with honours. Those I have had the pleasure of working with have inspired me and I have been privileged to gain valuable experience at a number of respected veterinary practices. I am a hard working and dedicated person that is enthusiastic and passionate about my career. I have recently gained advanced practitioner status with distinction.

Veterinary Surgeon


Our Goals

At Pet and tips, we really want to help you as much as we can

  • We want to give you the best possible advice
  • Give you everything you need from pet nutrition to sleeping aids
  • All of our articles are scientifically backed by research and are vetted by real vets
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  • Help you to become the best pet owner you could be!